March 27, 2014

A Walk and Talk Conducted By S3 MCA

On last Thursday, the MCA department conducted a walk and talk program for the S3 MCA students to the nearby place of the college. It was really fun, all the S3 students with three faculties of the department participated in the program. We the students were having great fun, talking, teasing each other and lot more. After walking about 2kms we stopped at a point in a silent place, our class teacher suggested as to have small cultural activities. Some of our friends shared their experience about the fest they visited, some shared their ideas of the college and all, and at the end one of our friend sang a song.
After that snacks were provided to all of us, the snacks was really good, everyone enjoyed it, later photos were taken and at the end we set back to the college. We took a different path, the path was really surprising, a sloppy region which reached behind the PG building of the college. Some of us got exhausted walking, and some was ready to walk more, anyway it was really an enjoyable time. It was the first outing set for us.
we thank our HOD and class teacher and all other faculties for providing us a wonderful short trip. A leisure time like this is really needed once in a while.
- Siju Xavier S MCA

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