March 27, 2014

M.C.A @ Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Amal jyothi Engineering College  is a quailified institution which nourishes the student’s capabilities and talents. MCA in AJCE is with a unique leap in learning and training experience. Supported by the high ranked computer science engineering background of Amal Jyothi College, MCA enjoys its uniqueness among other colleges.

                                  I came here with a lot of dreams and ambitions. I belief that this institution help me to grow up. The infrastructure provided in Amal jyothi astonished me a lot. One of the most pecularity of M.C.A is that it  provide students with basic computer programming skills & problem solving skills. Also M.C.A is responsible for students with greater input of management education & professional Communicational skills. It is more focused on core courses providing conceptual frame work. Also it develops the ability among students to plan analyze, design, code, test, implement & maintain a software product.It helps the students in finding solutions to real life application involving technical, managerial, economical & social constraints which is provided through laboratory work, industrial assignment & projects training to develop web based applications.
                        The gem of M.C.A dept is its faculties itself. They are very Cooperative, Adaptable, Compassionate, and Dedicated. I think that being a member in Amal jyothi is my greatest achievement in  my life.


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