March 31, 2014

S1 MCA Walk & Talk

            S1 M.C.A held a walk and talk program on 26-2-2014 at 1.30 p.m.The aim was to strengthen the relationship between students and teachers.The journey started from the cafeteria. All the students gathered there with a lot of happiness. Mr.Ajith, Mr.Aby Jacob, Ms.Minu George, Ms.Niya Joseph and Sr.Elsin accompanied with us. This makes all the students motivated. Also we had some moments of joke all over the way. When we reached in a shaded place,  all gathered together and took photos. We went to some houses and collected drinking water. This helps us to grow up in the sharing mentality. After some time, Ajith sir provides snacks to us. We love it. We reached back at 4.00 PM. We departed with a lot of colorful memories.

S1 MCA Walk & Talk, on 26/2/2014

Reshma Mohan


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