March 31, 2014

Why Amal Jyothi..

  When someone ask me, which campus could I most touched?
  I have only one answer Amal Jyothi College of Engineering. 
 Because, it is the campus that shows promises are not only in words but have in reality.

It is the place I had found my talents and goals. The activities conducted by the college helps us to improve our knowledge and skills. The friendly relationship with faculties helps us to be free to share our ideas and thoughts with them. The college trains us to excel in technical industry and keep motivate to take challenges.
As an MCA student, I have all the facilities to improve my skills and knowledge in this campus. The classes are focused to the industries as well as academics. Through this campus, I have learned what an MCA student supposed to do to have a career in technical industry and how to win in this competitive field. I feel very glad to be a part of this college.

Renju Tom

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