April 3, 2014

CeMpUx Tour

Being with our friends is undoubtedly one of the most appealing thoughts of one’s life. Believing  the same we the S5 MCA (CeMpUx) started a journey on march 27. Destination was some beautiful places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
                Never before in our life had we experienced moments of such great fun and happiness where we realized that the joy of togetherness could be so elating. 
               First day we reached Hogenakkal. Boating, water streams and  playing with water made us feel like small kids again. Throwing each other into the water but always attending to the safety of others.  We realized how strong the bonds between us were, how strong were we all connected.

                The time we spent in Ootty, the delightful sceneries, shopping, posing for pictures with every click on every camera, all these time the excitement of being with all our dear ones was so overwhelming. The beauty of Thrissur, Athirappally and Vazhachal waterfalls rendered us. It is well said that if you have good friends around you even the worst situations can be changed to the most exiting ones, same happened with us  heavy traffics , tier-puncher, all became good times to remember. Four days that we spent together bought all of us together like never before.
                With all our hearts we would like to thank our dear Juby Sir and Sharon Miss for accompanying us and making the trip more exiting. Thanks to our very own Fr. Rubin Thottupuram & Prof.Manoj T Joy for helping us in making this tour a reality. Special thanks to our dearest classmates Diya Mathew, Renjith R Nath and Alex VG for making this trip happen and coordinating it so beautifully. We really missed our friends who were not able to join us.     

                As we are drawing to the end of our journey in Amal Jyothi, for most of us this will be the end to our college life also. We will be moving on to the next phases our own lives. No matter where our destiny lead us to, we are sure those moments we spent with each other would always linger on, no matter what way we take in our lives. These memories will always tie us together as   “CeMpUx”.

Arya Nair


  1. Class - Life is to be shared in Joy. Object - Friendship till Death
    I'm very much proud of you all